Restaurants and cuisines


If you want to eat good food, you will need to know which food is good. We don’t mean if you are eating organic or not. The thing is you need to have a good meal with all those nutrients that are necessary for your body. If you haven’t eaten an exotic meal or cuisine, […]

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Comedies and everything about them


Comedies are probably the only genre where nothing has changed. The comedy and the types of comedy have changed, but the reason for making a comedy remains the same. It doesn’t matter if you have a good scene like beautiful landscapes or you need some good computer visual effects. All that matters is you need […]

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Action movies today


We all remember the good old times when movies were made with quality. We all remember a bunch of action movies that were filmed in the best locations in the world and even those exotic places that take your breath away. Unfortunately, movies that are mad nowadays are usually not that great. Let’s face it; […]

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The most interesting things about movies


We all know that movies had become a very delicate art. We remember the good old days when movies had different scenes and a lot of budgets was given to create a great name. Today, it seems like the directors or even writers of scripts are out of ideas. The thing is, when you watch […]

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Guyutes OKC – Restaurant with Elevated Street Food Menus, Rooftop Patio, Great Music

Guyutes OKC

Guyutes OKC – Brief Overview of the Restaurant: This is a relatively new restaurant that’s situated in the Uptown 23rd District of Oklahoma City. This popular eatery serves a bunch of classic American detectable delights. This food outlet features a unique roof-top patio arrangement along with a laid back atmosphere. If you are someone who […]

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