The most interesting things about movies


We all know that movies had become a very delicate art. We remember the good old days when movies had different scenes and a lot of budgets was given to create a great name. Today, it seems like the directors or even writers of scripts are out of ideas. The thing is, when you watch a movie nowadays, you can see that they are monotone. Only a couple of different scenes. Fox example, the movies is about one thing. To give you a good example, I will focus on the subject or the plot of the movie. The plot is usually boring nowadays. You can easily find some generic movies that seem to be copies of some movies that were made in the 1990s. We know that people who write the script will run out of ideas sometime, but this is too much.

The plot

interestingAs we all know, plots are random. You want to look a horror movie, or you like to see some good action, and you end up with a mediocre movie which had a good title and nothing more. Some movies that have passed as good are in fact terrible. We all remember the great movies that were filmed on the beaches of some exotic places, and we all know how great those movies were. You can’t deny that. It seems that some people thought they could make a movie with fewer budgets. That is true, but you will end up in a field of rotten tomatoes. We have all seen some new horrors or action movies, and we can all agree that it’s not the same thing as the movies which were filmed in the past. It looks like the film industry is not as good as it was.


If you think you can find a great movie today, think again. Sure, you will be able to find a good comedy or a good horror here and there. Even an action movie can be found, but keep in mind that the quality of those movies and the plot is not that great. You will end up being disappointed with a comment that is not appropriate. We don’t know what happened to the industry, but we do know that movies are not what they were. The budgets are low, and the actors are not that good. A shame.