Guyutes OKC – Restaurant with Elevated Street Food Menus, Rooftop Patio, Great Music

Guyutes OKC

Guyutes OKC – Brief Overview of the Restaurant:

This is a relatively new restaurant that’s situated in the Uptown 23rd District of Oklahoma City. This popular eatery serves a bunch of classic American detectable delights.

This food outlet features a unique roof-top patio arrangement along with a laid back atmosphere. If you are someone who often hangs out with your friends and loves to enjoy a cozy, comfortable, and laid-back atmosphere, then this restaurant will be a perfect destination for you.

The restaurant is surrounded by a team of experienced chefs who are dedicated to flaunting marvelous culinary creations. The eatery mostly serves various native American gourmet menus, starting from finger-licking pizza recipes and salads to refreshing drinks and alcohols.

The food outlet is named after a well-known Phish song (Guyute). And, it offers a plethora of elevated street food menus that are made with fresh and local ingredients. In fact, the owners of this restaurant (Jarrod Friedel and Wayne Perotka) are extremely passionate about keeping everything local.

Available Food Options and Drinks:

As mentioned earlier, this restaurant mainly serves authentic American cuisines. Their extensive food catalog features a myriad of delicious dishes that can satisfy the taste preference of everyone.

So, if you are a connoisseur of American food menus, then you are recommended to try various dishes that are served by this premium food outlet. Other than that, the authority believes in maintaining an optimum food quality.

All of their recipes are prepared with fresh, locally-grown, and hand-picked ingredients. Their extensive food catalog offers a great variety of gourmet options, such as appetizers, wraps, salads, pizzas, and main courses.

Apart from that, Guyutes OKC serves a wide range of beers, wines, cocktails and refreshing drinks at affordable prices. The restaurant and its facilities are available for lunch to late night parties. Note, the kitchen remains open until 1:30 a.m with food options like The Disco Biscuit, The Walfredo Pizza, and Tequila Sunfryz.

This eatery offers special arrangements (for their guests) on every weekend. For example, they serve Saturday and Sunday brunch, interesting nightly events, movie showings, and happy hours (on weekends).

Why Should You Visit Guyutes OKC?


This restaurant is established with a vision to create a cozy and comfortable space that features an unconstrained and contemporary ambiance. This vision is perfectly reflected on Guyutes OKC’s food & drink menus. This eatery even boasts of featuring a large and spacious roof-top deck with exquisite views of the 23rd District.

It is a hip, trendy, and modern Oklahoma City-based restaurant cum bar that serves elevated street food, various gourmet options, appetizers, and an extensive beer selection. Many of their food menus are laden with inspiring musical references that passionate fans of The Eagles, Wu Tang Clan, and The Grateful Dead will surely enjoy.

Featuring a laid-back atmosphere, contemporary setting, eclectic background soundtracks, and an open rooftop — this space can be a perfect meeting place for groups, a dinner with a friend, or a drink after work.

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