Draftmark Refills : Budweiser Draftmark Refill-A Decent Way of Drinking

Draftmark Refills

Budweiser Draftmark is a unique, crisp and refreshing lager created to bring a new drinking experience. It was first introduced in 1876 when Adolphus Busch created the first national beer brand. Draftmark refill system is designed for those who want to convert their homes into hubs for hanging out with colleagues and family while enjoying cold lager on the tap. Whether it’s relaxing after a long and tiresome day’s work or just taking a breeze on a seemingly long weekend, Draftmark refills is a lifesaver. Perhaps, it is a great beer that goes well with good friends and good moments.

What you’ll love most about Draftmark Refills

The unit comes with easy-to-use refill system of 1 gallon or 3.8 liters. The refill is chilled at room temperature for about 8-12 hours. Just load it then tap to sit back and enjoy a flavorful beer like no other. One full gallon refill is equivalent to 11 lavish servings of top quality beer. It is a perfect choice for a casual weekend hangouts, parties, get-togethers or any other informal gathering. Additionally, one can make a selection from the different tastes based on the type of glassware, pour and the portion they want for this great tasting draught beer. The various Draftmark’s beer brands is an assurance that the needs of everyone are covered. There is always an option to complement the type of mood, occasion or food. With Draftmark refill, one can personalize every drinking moment to fit their desires.

Fresh is even better

The beer stays fresh for as long as 30 days. It means one can have unlimited fun anywhere anytime. Budweiser is the beer that is recommended by brewmasters not only for its superior taste but also its freshness. With the use of choicest hops, best barley malt, and rice, Draftmark refill guarantees the best quality beer at all times. The patented bottle-in-bottle technology ensures that there is no contact of oxygen and beer unlike the case of other home draught systems. Besides, the convenient packaging implies limited or no wastages. Everyone can drink it according to their styles. Fresh means more and more fun.

The easiest refill unit to use

For those who are often pissed off by stressful cleaning, Draftmark refill is a legendary unit of its own. Perhaps, it doesn’t require any cleaning whatsoever. There is a new pour spout for each refill every time one buys another refill. The less time one spends for cleaning means more time for drinking and having fun. Again, a single refill bottle means fewer cans thus making it easy to save the environment around our homes. There is a rechargeable battery that is ready to use on delivery. However, it can be recharged by plugging in and then reinstalling. Just throw it in the fridge,
lock out the stresses and cares of the day and have fun.

It’s time to take your beer drinking to the next level with Draftmark’s refills system. Whatever the style, demands or flavor, it is a decent way to drink. It’s affordable, and everyone would want it full all the time.

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