Comedies and everything about them


Comedies are probably the only genre where nothing has changed. The comedy and the types of comedy have changed, but the reason for making a comedy remains the same. It doesn’t matter if you have a good scene like beautiful landscapes or you need some good computer visual effects. All that matters is you need a good plot and a script that will make people laugh. The comedy today is different than the comedy in the last twenty or thirty years. Human population is starting to get more open-minded and people are evolving. Their spirituality is growing. The same thing goes with comedy. Things that were funny and interesting in the last decades are not so funny now. Today, people need a crazy and hard core comedy to make them laugh. The comedy has become tougher so to speak.

Comedy and the way we like it now

When you look at some old comedies, your parents will start laughing. But even today, some things that were funny then will not be funny now. People are evolving, and their minds are doing the same thing. When you watch an old movie like a comedy that is twenty years old, you will start to wonder about the things that were once funny to you. You will realize that those things are pretty stupid today. Today, you need a good old hard comedy that is a blend of all sorts of great branches of comedy. The good example of a normal yet hard comedy is the popular series called “Friends.” You will find all sorts of genres in their show, but none of them are inappropriate for TV. We all know that we loved to watch them when we were younger. Some of us were even kids when the show was aired.


Happy ending

As you can see, comedy has become a great thing today. Most of the genres were started to go down, while comedies will never go down. The center of every plot in a comedy is laughter and funny life situations.